RF Audio & CV Mixer
2 independent circuit mixers with separate outputs and common inputs High quality audio four channel mixer, which can be used with either audio signals or control voltages

One circuit is a totally discrete analog mixer with transistors makeup amplifier derived from 1960s which has a specific saturation and distortion flavour that makes it not only a great summing unit, but also a very warm and full of colour signal path! What ever signal goes through It sounds more big - more vintage, it’s like magic! This mixer is better for audio as there is a 3.3uf capacitor at its inputs for filtering the DC voltage offset .

The second circuit is an op-amp analog mixer with high quality sound that is transparent natural sounding (still warm though but in a complete different way than the transistor mixer), also it can be over driven and slightly saturated too. This mixer is for cv signals ( DC coupled ) when the switch is at opposite direction (left) of the 2.2uf capacitor marking. This switch cap is useful for audio sound but also for alternate cv signal shapes. Both mixers can achieve amplification of the signal. The op-amp out starts to slightly saturate after 1-2 o’clock of the input knob, but most of times this has no audible effect, on the other hand, the Transistor out (trans) starts to saturate at 1 o’clock too in a very audible way.

There are both positive and negative outputs for both mixers
There is a yellow LED level meter too.
This mixer module is very important for your system, it can be used for mixing any audio or CV signal , I suggest it especially for coloring and warming digital oscillators and make them more juicy by using the transistor outs . Also it can be used as final summing mixer by mixing 4 final vcas and then send your summing signal directly to your sound card!
  • 20 mA +12V
  • 20 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 49 mm deep
  • 8 HP

Price: 110€
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