First of all let's speak about the sound of this module,
as it's the final module in our audio chain, so the sound must be good and this module is clean and noiseless.
Its full of warmth by using discrete components and through hole opamps,
giving a perfect frequency balance of the whole audio range and the most important,
without making the high frequencies, harsh, something that many SMT vcas, do.
Also, it does not add a colour to the sound, something that many discrete vintage VCAs, do.

All audio and CV inputs are precisely calibrated and buffered so that it works smoothly, without overdriving the signal .
So when you plug an audio or CV signal in the input jack of any VCA,
you just use the gain knob to set the input gain you desire and modulate the VCA by any source,
such as an envelope or LFO, or VCO by plugging the source in the CV input jack and by using the CV input attenuator .
When you turn the gain knob after the 12 o’clock position, it starts to give initial gain .

This module can function in linear and logarithmic response too and as result,
the control voltage behaviour, is completely different between them.

When the module works as classic VCA , you need it to be free of bleeding through,
so the gain knob must be maximum at the middle position and a bit earlier for linear mode!

The input gain knob has distinct letters for each type of response, indicated by “LIN” for linear and “LOG” for logarithmic response.
The correct linear position is at 11 and this can be easily checked by setting the knob right before the input signal, bleeds through. 
The lines over the knob and under the switch on the panel, pointing to “LIN” and “LOG”, are a visual feedback for quick set up.
The Logarithmic response is not so loud as linear but more punchy and sharp it's wonderful for amplitude modulations,
but here the middle position changes and you can turn it now more than 1 o'clock,
sometimes it gives a strong signal with no bleeding with the input gain knob at 2 o’clock

  • 14 mA +12V
  • 14 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 66 mm deep

Price: 110€
Feel free to contact us for any information.