SH VCF It is a complete discrete through hole replica
of the the original mono synth sh-1 filter from late 70s !
In detail it is a cascaded OTA low pass filter with four OTA-stages of the original
vintage CA3080 ics with FET transistors as Buffers,
it has 2 inputs with potentiometer,
1 CV input with potentiometer and 4 independent low pass outputs one
for every ota stage : 6db , 12db , 18db and ofcourse 24db.
The 6db and 12db outputs are in 180° phase ,
as result you can mix them together with 24db out in a mixer to make bandpass and hig pass combinations !
In order to achieve a clean sound the input level must not be over 70% to 80%
but if you boost the input you take a wonderful saturation
that if it's combined with a lot of resonance the result is magic especially from the 6db out !
Of course the 24 db out is perfect for rubber and punchy basses like the classic vintage Japanese synths

  • 15 mA +12V
  • 15 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 68 mm deep

Price: 160€
Feel free to contact us for any information.